Excel Shortcuts for Increasing the Efficiency at Work- Part 1

Akshita Chugh
1 min readJan 29, 2021


There is no denial that shortcuts make one life easier. Some of the most important Microsoft Excel Shortcuts for windows are:-

1 Ctrl + N: Create a New Workbook

2 Ctrl+ O: To open a saved workbook

3 Ctrl + S: To save a workbook

4 Ctrl + A: For selecting all the contents in a workbook

5 Ctrl + B: To turn highlighted cells bold

6 Ctrl + C: To copy the highlighted cells

7 Ctrl + D: To fill the selected cell with the content of the cell right above.

8 Ctrl + F: For searching in the workbook

9 Ctrl + G: To Jump to a particular cell

10 Ctrl +H: To find and replace cell contents

11 Ctrl + I: To italicize highlighted cell contents

12 Ctrl +K: To insert a hyperlink in a cell

13 Ctrl + L: To open the create a table dialog box for knowing/modifying the data source of the table

14 Ctrl + P: To print a workbook

15 Ctrl + R: To fill the selected cell with the content of the cell on the left.

16 Ctrl + U : To underline highlighted cells

17 Ctrl + V: To paste the copied content

18 Ctrl + W: For closing the current workbook

19 Ctrl + Z: To undo the last action

20 Ctrl + 1: To format the cell contents

21 Alt+ E+S: To bring the paste special dialog box



Akshita Chugh

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